Third white blazer

I have a "thing" for white garments.
 I own white shorts, white jeans and white trousers too.
However my "specialty" are white tops.
I literally have over 3 dozen.

Black trousers H&M - Scarf print top Zara -
White blazer with black pipping Suzie Shier - Black shoes Zara 
Even though they are so hard to maintain,
I fell to the temptation of adding yet another white blazer 
to my collection, with the excuse of this one being "different" 
because of the black pipping.

So, yes this is now my third white blazer.


Sheila said...

Ha! I have 3 cream blazers, and I recently weeded out 2 of my white tops. What is it with them??

I love the piping detail on this jacket.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

That's a sharp blazer Lorena! I need one in my life. HaHaHa

LyddieGal said...

White is my thing too. I have so many white tops now... it's ridiculous. I'm also up to four white dresses.

Every time I see a white blazer that is different than mine it's all I can do to not buy it!

The black piping totally makes it different though!

Chic on the Cheap

drollgirl said...

that is a lot of white tops! ha!

i think i have 4. i probably have 5 white jackets and i just ordered two more. eek!

if i could, i would get the one you are wearing too! cute!

Chronically Vintage said...

Great cut and shape to this beautiful white blazer. I can confidently say that's a blazer colour I've not yet owned, but I'd certainly be up for one. I could see styling it in a 30s/early 40s direction in particular.

♥ Jessica