The Grey Dress

Last time I wore this Pink brand grey dress was in 2011.

Grey dress Pink - Silver starfish flip flops
Coincidentally, just like last time, I wore it all weekend.
Yes, that means two days in a row, but
with a few adjustments.

The first time around I wore it with flip flops to the vegetables market.
Where I realised that the dress was totally see through. Totally.

Then I threw on a mint sweater and wore it to work.
I then realised that the dress "rode" up in the back,
meaning I was easily exposed, had I not been careful.

Silver flats Zara - Grey bag 
So, yeah.
It took me pretty much four or so wears to admit that 
this dress needed to go.

Mint sweater Zara 
Sometimes it takes a little.
Sometimes a lot.


Anne said...

I am like that too....I try to hold on as long as I can before finally admitting something is not working! Have a good week:)

LyddieGal said...

I can relate to this, of course. Sometimes we have things for no good reason, sometimes it is just hard to let go.

Kim Alston said...

That dress is so gorgeous!!! I love the color and back. Love your starfish sandals. Great skirt outfit!