People you just have to meet

I think that there are people who are meant to be
in your life, people you just have to meet.

Levis jeans - Calvin Klein - Geroge - Tsubo yellow heels
It doesn't matter if they play a significant role or not.
But for whatever reason, you just have to meet them.
Your paths have to cross.

With this is mind, I have two cases I can think of.
One of them is a guy who use to come into the office for 
weekly meetings when I worked at an advertising agency.
 For at least 6 months I saw him come in every Monday.
I don't recall ever having a conversation with him, 
but I have to admit I was a fan.
Then a few years back, I "met" him and had the 
opportunity to get to know him and he was quite a guy.
The other example, is a family who lived next to my grandparents'
home who we came to know and love as family.
Had we not met earlier, we would have met in 
another apartment also as neighbours, as they happened
to rent in the same building we later moved to - not knowingly 

So they say, there are no coincidences..   


Kim Alston said...

What's to be will be! Lorena you can hand over your orange blouse and shoes. So sharp!

Mimi said...

I couldnt agree true and its a comforting thought too:)
Gorgeous! Love this look.
Aesthetic Lounge

Tallia said...

Cute bag!

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Mica T said...

It is interesting sometimes when you reflect back on your history with people and how they are in your life! :)

Really like that bright shirt - looks like it has a nice print :)

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