My own storage war

I have a storage room at home.

Brown corduroy skirt B. Moss - Animal print button down shirt Antillia Femme -
Innovativi wedges - Black bag Roberto Cavalli - Black sunglasses Michael Kors 
It was originally designed as a maids' quarters.
I live in a building that's from the 70's and in those
times, everyone had a live in maid.

However times have changed and the room is a storage,
which had not been properly cleaned and organised
in over five years.

So we tackled it and it took over 8 hours to do.
Paint cans, textiles, wires, Christmas ornaments, 
old books, my highschool papers, photographs..
What to throw away, what to keep - it was a real storage war.

Zoya Godiva nail polish 

Which only proves that I have a really hard time letting go.


Londyn said...

It is hard to let things go!!

You're looking very chic dear and I'm loving your hair - so sexy :)

Clo by Clau! said...

Yo ando en las mismas, lo que mas tengo obviamente son cosas para manualidades que dejo siempre por si acaso pero ya tengo el plan de hacer una buena limpia porque a veces menos es más ;) sobre todo menos clutter menos tiempo que dedicar a organizar cosas.


Kim Alston said...

Cute outfit Lorena! Glad you got it done. I know you feel better.

LyddieGal said...

Yikes! sounds like a huge project... but at least it's done right? Letting go is hard, but there is always the thought of "I don't want to be a hoarder" to get you through. I have so much stuff in my life that no longer makes me happy, and I really need to work on letting it go.
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