Breakfast with friends

It was a great day to sit down with friends for breakfast.
Seersucker green jacket George - Apt 9 Green top - Black shorts -
Michael Kors zipper flats - Guess corduroy bag
Unfortunately it's not something that can be done often
as everyone is always busy doing something else.

It's kind of sad how it use to be easy to get together.
Now most people have families and things to attend to...

But many made to to breakfast today -
that's what counts.


Debra Lynn Mejia said...

I know how you feel. Now I have to schedule a get-together with my friends 2 months in advance! We used to hang out with each other every other weekend.

Kim Alston said...

I bet it was nice and you looked beautiful Lorena. I love that blazer and top! So sharp!

lorenabr said...

Perfect look for Breakfast with friends!

Tallia said...

That blazer is beautiful!

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Sonia De Macedo said...

Blah, I hear you. How has it gotten to be so impossible to arrange catch-ups and get to togethers with friends? Why life? Why?