The Spanish Skirt

This printed skirt was a hand me down from a friend.
It's made by Amichi, a brand from Spain.
I've had it for at least 5 years and worn it 
on the blog than ten times. 
(at the bottom of the page you can see the looks)

Printed skirt Amichi - Red blouse Forever 21 - Innovativi wedges
Today, I am wearing it one last time.
I love the print but its rather tight, every time I wear it I have to suck my
stomach in and its just not comfortable.

Tous ring

So, yes, this is the farewell post.
Here's how I have worn the Spanish skirt before:


Judy C said...

You've really done a lot with the skirt. The latest blouse color is fabulous too.

Mica T said...

That is such a lovely skirt! I like the different ways you've worn it, but if it isn't right for you it's good to let it go :)

Away From Blue

Cosmic said...

Shame about the fit as the shape & color really suits you!


Kelly Roy said...

I find also this skirt special and great with yellow! Is losing 1 kilo an option? Just one to get this extra space! I'm joking. I had moments like this and keep those clothes in a seperate place in the attic. Sometimes I lose those kilos and enjoy them all over again!

LyddieGal said...

It is a great print, but when something isn't comfortable, it's not worth having around. Sorry to see it go!
Chic on the Cheap

Anonymous said...

This skirt has really pretty colors that seem to pair well with a lot of things, but when things have to go, they have to go, right?

Kim Alston said...

Such a pretty skirt. I hate when that happens.

Jane Droll said...

i like it! a lot!!!

i used to wear so much black. BORING. lately i can't get enough of color and pattern. it is more fun. more lively. solids are OKAY and all, but color and prints are where it's at. at least that is what i am saying now.