Jean Jacket

A few days ago while reading Lydia's blog
I saw her wear a really nice look which
included a jean jacket.

Green dress J. Jill - Jean Jacket OUT - Straw bag - Silk Flats 
I suddenly remembered that I have one..

and that I never wear it.

So today I paired it with a simple dress and a vintage belt.

I have to admit it smelled a bit musty, but I think the tons of
perfume I sprayed on it were able to keep the smell under control.

I actually liked how it looked and how the jacket fit.

Silver initial pendant Tiffany & Co. - SIlver tone vintage belt 

So, you might just see the beginning of a jean jacket saga.


Londyn said...

Don't ya just love that kind of inspiration?! Love it - so pretty :)

Kim Alston said...

Jean jackets are so popular now. Yours looks great and I love your necklace.

Kelly Roy said...

Now I see your jacket I realise I don't have one.How is that possible when it's such a versatile cloth!You look so well dressed and happy.

Mica T said...

The denim jacket looks great with that dress, such a nice simple outfit :)

I have a similar jacket - rarely wear it, but whenever I do pull it out now and then I'm always glad I've kept it :)

Away From Blue

LyddieGal said...

Heheh, well I'm glad I helped you remember it, because it's awesome. Nice fit, perfect blue wash... throw in the washing machine and you will be good to go for next time ;)
Chic on the Cheap

ana said...


Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I know how you feel because I had gotten rid of most of my denim jackets and a couple left are in the States. I finally thrifted a classic one in almost the same shade as yours. Love that olive dress and ALL of your jewelry. Cute flats, too.

Love Lydia's Style. =)