New, to me

I have written about hand me downs before.
I have absolutely no problem in receiving them,
although I do have a few friends that would 
flip over and die if they had to wear anything 
that was not new.
In fact recently I went to a thrift shop with a  
friend who cringed at the idea of even entering 
the place. She did not want to touch anything.
Thankfully, that's not my case.
This month three fabulous items entered my 
closet as a result of hand me downs.

One of them was a black suit from Collezioni Armani.
It was my mom's and since she is no longer wearing it, 
it's now part of my wardrobe.
Suited for warmer climates, it may come in handy for future business trips.

Also new to me is a beige pair of trousers from Valentino and a matching grey cardigan also from Valentino - these pieces also came from my mom's closet. 

Finally, a pair of black Salvatore Ferragamo shoes a hand me down from 
my 96 year old great aunt - these are almost new.

These new to me items are quite an addition.

How about you, any new to you items entering the closet ?


Kacie Ellis said...

Being the youngest in my entire family, I've always gotten hand-me-downs :) None were as fabulous are you finds though.

Allie said...

I LOVE THRIFT STORES! My biggest/favorite hobby!

Kim Alston said...

I love buying new and second hand. I'm always looking for items on eBay. You can find Anthro and lots of other designers on there. I see nothing wrong with it. All of these are lovely items Lorena. Let your friends lose their jobs or let money become tight. They'll change their tune!

Mica T said...

That suit jacket in the first row is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing you wear it :)

I've always worn and treasured hand me downs and swapped clothes with people, feels good to expand my wardrobe! I have one friend who can't buy ANYTHING second hand, she is so funny like that. I often wonder what she does with her old clothes, I donate mine when I'm finished with them but if she doesn't like second hand maybe she doesn't do that? I must ask one day!

Away From Blue

Porcelina said...

I just love that fur collared cardigan, it's divine. My parents would never buy second-hand clothes, but I think with their generation there's perhaps the legacy of war-time rationing!! Myself, I have lots of hand-me-downs and thrifted bargains - and I love it! If you can get great brands at a fraction of the cost then it makes more financial sense. x