Since elections are coming up where I live, 
I have been trying to avoid watching tv.

Black trousers Cato - Houndstooth button down shirt Abbie Mags - White belt vintage 
The amount of propaganda from candidates is just overwhelming.
Almost harassment.

Pink bag Tommy Hilfiger 
Its on tv, cable tv, the internet, on the streets on banners hanging from
lamp posts, people handing out flyers in traffic, calls to your phone,
 on car speakers or open spaces with huge speakers.
It is everywhere… 
Shoes Cheap and Chic Moschino - Cruciani like  yellow bracelet

While there's not much you can do to escape this, I have found 
one way to minimise the tv propaganda.

Bingewatching, that way I avoid any ads.
So a few weeks ago I finished
House of Cards and tonite I will see the last episode of 
the first season for Orange is the New Black.

Thank you Netflix. 
I owe you.


Londyn said...

Gotta love Netflix! You look great, and of course I'm loving the shoes :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

House of Cards is seriously awesome. We binge watched both seasons of it as well. I've even had a desktop background since the second season was released that says "House of Cashew" with a picture of that darling little guinea pig.

Love your colour palette at work here. The pops of colours in the accessories are so great!

♥ Jessica

Kacie Ellis said...

I hate all the campaign ads too! I haven't watched either of those shows yet but I'll have to add them to my netflix list!

LyddieGal said...

I guess it does not matter what country you live in, election season is the worst! I love having the DVR and not watching live tv anymore. I haven't started any of the netflix series yet though!
Chic on the Cheap

2minutos said...

Great look, dear
Love your pants!

Ramona said...

Lately there's not reason to watch TV. I love watching movies no matter what year they're taken.

xoxo Ra

Kim Alston said...

HaHa Lorena! I do the same thing! It gets ridiculous. Love your top and pants.