Because of the brand

I plead guilty to buying something just because of the brand.
Mint skirt Worthitngton - Scarf print top Feline - Blue wedges BCBG - Pink bag Tommy Hilfiger 
I have been infatuated by the name brand on the label 
and have purchased the item just for that.

Have totally disregarded fit, paid little attention to the fabric and cut
and have been fully convinced by just the name of the brand.

However when you actually wear the item, the name tag is no
longer visible and then those important things begin to show.

Are you like that ?
Get all excited just because of the brand name, 
get carried away, buy it and 
then end up with an ill fitting garment ?


Jane Droll said...

i am sure that i am guilty of this too!

and sometimes there is a brand name that is embarrassing. if it looks good and the price is right, i might buy it and cut out the tags!

LyddieGal said...

Oh yes. I am so guilty of that. Why does it make things so much more attractive (at first?)

Often when I'm shopping at thrift stores or places like tjmaxx, I force myself to decide if I like something before looking at the label.

Chic on the Cheap

Sheila said...

I have done that in the past, but now, I'm all about quality and fit. It's got to look great!

I do love you in mint green/aqua - great colour on you, Lorena!

Kim Alston said...

I use to do that. Now I only buy things I love. Great top and those earrings are too cute.

Katherine said...

This top looks so pretty with your skirt. And, yes, I go straight to the label too.

Londyn said...

Stunning look! Really beautiful.