The flea market experience

If you visit this blog and read my rambles,
you probably know by now that thrifting
and flea markets are the most uncommon 
thing where I live.

Yes, I know it makes no sense, 
but such is the culture.

Anyhow I was super excited when I saw on 
Facebook that there was local initiative at
participating in a flea market and of course
I signed up for it… and dragged a friend into it.

So, I spent my Sunday sitting under the burning, hellish, humid sun and 
sold a few things from my closet. I loved the experience !
First of all, I always give my clothes away, this time I made a few
dollars and the part that I enjoyed the most was imagining the
new life my items would have. 

For example, I sold this vintage Nicole Studio dress for 6.00 USD.
The girl who bought it was waiting to be accepted to University in London, the thought of this dress going to London and getting a new life seemed unearthly !

The girl who bought this shirt from Marc Jacobs was so
intensely happy with her purchase… if she only knew that 
I sold this shirt because it was solo itchy. 
But, she got a great deal for 7.00 USD. 

The Limited 2.00 USD
Nicole Lee red bag for 3.00 USD
Alfred Dunner for 2.00 USD
Another favourite of my customers, was this really
nice guy who picked up a few of my tops and a bag
for himself - his wife was nearby nodding at him
and letting him know she liked his choices.

Top shop 2.00 USD
I had a couple of chatty buyers, but not the gal who bought the
Topshop wrap top. She was quiet and quick. Like she did not
want anyone to know she was shopping.

The exact same thing happened with the girl who
purchased the below shirt.

Merona 1.00 USD
As you see my prices were quite affordable.

Also sold:
Orange Zawary top for 2.00 USD
DC Shoes top for 2.00 USD

Zenana Outfitters tube dress for 1.00 USD

Blue flower print dress for 3.00 USD
My red and white short sleeve Best Jeans jackets for 2.00 USD each.

Sold sunglasses, scarves, shoes and other bags.

Tous bag 2.00 USD
Headbands, rings… and even magazines !

Tous red bracelet 1.00 USD
I am so looking forward to the next one - if there is one.

Zipper bracelet 1.00 USD
Black sunglasses 1.00 USD
Brown sunglasses 1.00 USD
As one girl who bought a shirt from me said it best
"I love this, it's like looking into someone's closet".

3 vintage scarves, 2.00 USD each.

Flower scarf 1.00 USD, vintage yellow and blue scarf 2.00 USD

Have you ever had the flea market experience as a vendor ?

Oh, I forgot to add: the table cost 45.00 USD - which my 
friend and I split in half, so it was 22.50 USD each.
I made 68.00 USD minus 22.50 USD = 45.50 USD


iminozz said...

So good you had fun, too bad it was so hot for you. Where I live I participate in a couple parking lot yard sales a year, such fun to make a bit of cash and mingle with other sellers. Then the rest moves on to charity.

Katherine said...

You sold great items! Hope you were able to make a bit of $ from your sale. I haven't sold anything at a flea market but will occasionally sell to a consignment store.
Katherine @ Upon a Rainbow

Mica T said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

when we were younger I remember helping my mum out with some sales between moving houses a few times, it was more than just clothes, lots of things from around the home too. I don't remember being bored at all, it was fascinating! :)

Away From Blue

LyddieGal said...

Sounds like fun! I have never sold things in a flea market setting, when we have tag sales in our yards they are never any fun... you haul all this stuff out and no one wants to buy it, then when someone does, they want to give you half your asking price, even if it's only a couple dollars.

Sheila said...

That sounds like an awesome time! I would have been all over your stall - I love your style! I haven't ever sold my clothes, just given them away, mostly.

Kim Alston said...

that is awesome! to see your items go into the hands of someone who will love them. PRICELESS! good for you.