Counting stars

Yep, that song is on my playlist.

Orange trousers Sculpture - Zara silk scarf top - Innovativi wedges
Everyday when I get to work I one of the
first things I do is go to Grooveshark and 
listen to "popular songs".

I do this to keep updated, as I really
have no time (my drive to work is 4 minutes)
to listen to the radio in order to know what's trending...

Vintage watch Invicta
How do you keep yourself updated in regards to music ?


Kim Alston said...

i love your pants and top Lorena. that print and color looks fabulous on you.

Mica T said...

That is such a lovely printed top! Perfect with the orange pants :)

We have the radio on now and then in the car for music, and I use spotify too, maybe it is similar to grooveshark?

Away From Blue

Jane Droll said...

i love this top too!!!

it is hard to keep up with new music. i rotate between a few radio stations. some play 70's, 80's, 90's and current stuff, and the other only plays current stuff.

i also listen to a college radio show that plays demos. it is HILARIOUS to hear some of the music. mostly the band names make me laugh -- ridiculous! but sometimes the music is pretty good too.