The floor wore it better

Many times I am inspired to wear
the looks suggested in magazines.
Like this one, which came from June 2013
People Stylewatch magazine.
However sometimes looks don't translate 
well from paper to reality.

This was one of them.
I'll spare you the picture of how awful it looked.
Let's just say, that the floor wore it better than I did.


Jane Droll said...

well thank you for the laugh!

you win some and you lose some!!!

most evenings i try and picture an outfit that i will wear the next day. sometimes i am excited while visualizing these things in my brain. and then sometimes i put them on and i am horrified! lol! it happens!

p.s. maybe it would work with a dark skirt? or with dark pants?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, really? Well, it really looks great on the floor. I know I've laid things out on my bed thinking they'll look great and...well...nope.

Kim Alston said...

It looks like it would be great! But if YOU say so Lorena.... HAHAHA

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I can totally see what you mean. I definitely agree with you. It looks great on the floor. Beautiful top & sandals.