Pink Belt

I usually like to create a little awareness for October.

Black cropped trousers H&M - Grey top Express - Snake print wedges Jessica Simpson - 
Junction West white cardigan
I have several friends who have battled cancer.

Some were real warriors that gave it a good long fight,
however they are no longer with us.
Thankfully others are still around and 
are a source of inspiration...


Jane Droll said...

you look beautiful! i love the outfit, and i love the lipstick!

my mother had breast cancer at 42. i'm 43 now. i've been getting mammograms for years because of my family history with cancer. i hate them. but one has to be vigilant and aware, as breast cancer (or any type of cancer) is something that can happen to anyone. it is scary. i hate it all and hope they find a cure soon. very soon!!!!!

Mica T said...

It's nice how you've worked in a little pink :)

So sad when people we love lose the battle with cancer, I do hope we can find a cure!

Kim Alston said...

Same here Lorena. Love the splash of pink.

Imogen said...

Lovely words, I'm glad you incorporated pink and not just because it looks good. Great support.

Pia J said...

Sorry to hear of your losses, so sad how we have all been affected by Cancer. I wish they would hurry up and find a cure.
Love how you show your support with your pink belt. It looks great!
Have a great week-end.