Up or down

Sometimes I will be ready to walk out the door

White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Green blouse LuckyCom - Innovativi wedges  - Scarf

when I look back in the mirror only to realise that 

something needs adjustment, this time it was my hair -
it just looked so much better up.

So, after my pony tail was up, I took another picture
and proved my point.

Although my audience, Marshmallow, Vanilla and Cinnamon liked it both ways.


Londyn said...

Love this look - so crisp and sleek! I love the hair pulled back :)

Kim Alston said...

Beautiful outfit! Love your top & scarf Lorena. Your puppies (all 3) are too cute.

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

You need to put your hair up, more often. I love the Blouse, Scarf & Heels. Love your Cute Dogs and their Sweet Names. =)