A guest post for Ada

I have been reading Ada's blog
Elegance & Mommyhood for
quite sometime now.
She asked me to do a guest post while
she is away visiting family and I thought 
I would share it with you too.

Hi I'm Lorena from Lorena's Everyday Wear a small blog about what I wear everyday, that just turned 4 !
Ada thought it would be a good idea for me to write a guest post now that she's shopping (because I know she is) and visiting her parents in the US.

My job, which is in the perfumery field demands some traveling through an extensive region which is the main reason I am on the road a lot.
My last trips includes Colombia, Switzerland, Turkey and Amsterdam.

I have yet to describe my own style, but if I must, words that
come to my mind are conservative, modest and sometimes trendy.

Ada asked me to give a few tips on traveling.
Based on experience I will just name a few:

  • Take a big light summer scarf with you.
My Just Cavalli scarf kept the sand from getting in my
nose while riding a camel in the Saharan dunes.
It will help you keep warm in the plane and away from those airplane blankets that you have no idea of when they were last cleaned.
This scarf also comes in handy if it's raining or if it's too sunny 
and you need some coverage.
Or you can tie it to make a summer night skirt like I did to go 
get pizza in St. Maarten.

  • Bring your sunglasses
Hiding tired eyes in Buenos Aires

They make you instantly chic. Cover your tired eyes.
Protect your eyes from the sun. 
In colder climates they keep your eyes
from drying up while your are out walking.
If your hair is not having a good day, they help you keep it in place.
  • Take a secure taxi 
If you have more than one bag to take care of as you arrive your destination.
Don't take the metro or your might end up like me in Paris,
robbed at the first metro station - because I wanted to save a few €.

  • Take your toothbrush, deo, top and underwear in your carry on.

So you won't end up like me, borrowing a top from a complete
stranger and wearing the same underwear 2 days in a row
after sleeping on the floor of the Punta Cana airport 
in the Dominican Republic.
  • Pack small valuable goods, like earrings in your carry on bag.
So you won't get them stolen from a checked in bag like me
on a trip back home from Caracas, Venezuela where they also stole my perfume, toothpaste and deodorant! 

In Antigua, Guatemala the day before I missed my plane
  • Look once, twice or three times if necessary at the time your flight leaves and coordinate transport accordingly.
So you won't miss your flight like me in Antigua, Guatemala
when I misread my flight's departure hour.
  • Wether for work or leisure make a day-by-day schedule or a list of things to do.
It helps to keep you focused and make the most of your day.
When I travel for leisure I am a woman with a list and a
mission to accomplish, which it to visit all sites that interest me.
  •  Take one big, light fabric, deep, dark colored tote with you.
The black tote with me in Barcelona
It does not take precious space in your bag and comes in really handy.
It's worked marvels for me in the San Telmo market in Argentina.
Pick pockets are not too fond of these as you keep them close to your body.
First place in it your wallet and camera, so it's at the bottom
of the bag. You can throw in there a bottle of water and your scarf
and you can also throw in any small purchases. So your hands are free :)

I hope my little tips have been of assistance :)



Kim Alston said...

Lorena, this was excellent. I knew you traveled a lot but I didn't know you were in perfumery. That is so interesting. So despite following your blog for awhile, I learned something NEW.

LyddieGal said...

Wow, you must have enough travel stories to write a book! At least you have learned from your mistakes and can pass your knowledge along.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Awesome guest post, dear Lorena! I didn't know that you worked in the perfume industry. What a thoroughly fascinating career to have. You're such a lovely, fashionable person, that really seems like an excellently well suited job for you.

♥ Jessica

Lorena Balea-Raitz said...

How exiting Lorena! Sounds like a wonderful industry to be in!
Visit my blog if you like! I'm hooked on your lol