I had a really, really embarrassing moment 
a while back.

Forever 21 Blue trousers - Marineblu orange top - White tank top - H&M white cardigan -
Zara Silver flats - Michael Kors black bag
I was at a local deli one afternoon and this short, black lady walks in smiling.
I look at her, without thinking approach her, say hello and give her a big hug and ask her how she is doing. She says hello, but seems a little lost and I mention the name of the person who we know in common so she can relate.
She smiles and says goodbye.

So, I sit down to eat my sandwich and then, right then.. it hits me.
I don't know this woman and she does not know me - 
I totally confused her with someone else.
However, I think I know her because I have seen her 
a lot on newspapers and on the news, so her face is very familiar.
Happens that she is a very prominent lawyer who is always on tv on 
high profile cases for mostly guilty people. 
In fact I always joke about it and say 
"look at the defense lawyer, if it's Wilhemina, they are probably guilty."
She is Wilhemina.


Kathya stryzak said...

sii a esa combinacion de colores Lore!! aprobado!

coco said...

iubesc bleumarine !

Sheila said...

And you hugged her! Ha! That's awesome, Lorena.

You look wonderful in these blue pants.

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That is too funny! HAHAHAHA Love your outfit! That orange and blue looks so pretty together. Love the top!

LyddieGal said...

Oh my gosh Lorena, I am cracking up!
At least she just went along with it, maybe you even convinced her you did have a common friend... hahaha

Mica said...

haha oh what a funny story! She will just be thinking you are a very kind and friendly person! Maybe she felt bad not recognising you and that's why she left!

I really like your colourful outfit today :)

Kristen said...

Ha! That is fantastic! I am sure she was befuddled for the rest of the day. :)

Elegance Personified said...

That is funny. At least you were nice about it & she was nice back.

This is such a fabulous bright outfit. Love the top especially. Great trio-color combination, here.