The Rehearsal

Time has flown by so fast and today is the rehearsal dinner.

White lace dress Zara - Grey shoes - Silver envelope clutch Zara
I've always thought that you should attend a rehearsal dinner nicely dressed, specially if you have not met the other side of the family.

When I got to the restaurant I realized that I was a little overdressed,
however I felt a lot better when the rest of my family showed up, which
totally confirmed that: 
you have only one opportunity to make a first good impression. 


Judy C said...

You look amazing.

greygirl said...

You look lovely Lorena xx

ana said...

you look fab and the clutch is lovely!

drollgirl said...

you look very nice!

and i just love those shoes.

i prefer to look well put together. last year at thanksgiving i put together a nice outfit. not TOO fancy, but nice. most of the other family members made LITTLE EFFORT, including my big fat lazy cousin that showed up in sweats. argh!

Elegance Personified said...

You look gorgeous head to toe. This dress looks like a million bucks on you, even-though it only cost 20 bucks. The shoes, little mint belt, silver envelope clutch and especially the pearl bracelets and that awesome ring, are all beautiful, too.

I would have probably been over-dressed too. I usually, am. I think in any case better to be over-dressed than under-dressed and nothing beats an awesome first impression.