This is the first time I am in New York State
that I have not gone to the city.

Blue jeans dress Color Collection - Gold flats Nine West - Tommy Hilfiger green tote bag
It feels a little odd , but I guess this time I am here
with and for family....
NYC will be there for me to come back.
Family, you just never know.


Mica said...

Hope you are enjoying time with your family! The room you are in is beautiful - love the yellow and all the print! :)

Shybiker said...

That's the right attitude. I've visited family near places I wanted to see but realized some trips are for family and not sightseeing. Enjoy.

Elegance Personified said...

I hope you had a great time in NY. It is a great state for sure. Is that a hotel room or someone's bedroom/guest-room in your family, where you stayed at? Love the antique feel.

Wardrobe Girls said...

so sweet of you to spend times with your family! best memories.


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