The grey suit

As I mentioned in a previous post, 
I packed this grey suit 
for multiple wears in this trip.

Point Zero grey suit - White Papaya top - H&M Floral scarf -
Moleca black suede shoes - Michael Kors black bag 

As I have also said before - I believe it was a mistake to bring it along.
Low cut bottoms, long sleeves, ill fit...
But due to the fact that I have limited choices as I packed very few items-
 I have been forcing myself to wear it.

So, it's the same unflattering suit, now with a floral print scarf.
Let's just say it served a purpose: to keep me warm.


Mica said...

I still like the grey suit :) The scarf is a nice addition, the colour goes well with the grey :)

Elegance Personified said...

You are seriously being too hard on this suit and on yourself. It looks good on you and I like it even better now with this girly, floral scarf. =)