Late afternoon

Today's pictures were taken in the afternoon after I got home from work.

Blue Trousers Anne Klein - Zapatinho de Luxo beige flats - Old Nav flower top - H&M beige cardigan -
 Purple Kenneth Cole Reaction bag - Vintage pearl ring 

I always take my pictures in the morning because I've bathed, 
brushed my hair and applied somewhat of a make up  :)

By late afternoon my clothes are wrinkled, my hair is messy 
and my face is shiny(er) than usual.
I feel like a kid that gets home from school after a day at 
the playground with the untucked shirt, sweaty hair and dirty clothes.
Hopefully, this is the last you will see of it.

So, at what time/when do you take your pictures ?


joshylola said...

Me encanta el top, buen martes

Anonymous said...

My preference is always to take the photos in the morning, but more often than I like it ends up being taken in the afternoons, wrinkles and all.

drollgirl said...

i prefer NOT to take pictures of myself! it is a pain in the ass to make sure everything (hair, makeup, setting, clothing, lighting) is perfect! and there is nothing worse than shooting pics and discovering they ALL suck and then having to retake more photos! d'oh!

LyddieGal said...

Usually at the end of the day when my hair is frizzy and my face is shiny.

So I throw on sunglasses and put my hair up.

I would never be organized enough to take photos before work!

Chic on the Cheap

Female Escorts UK said...

You look great even late afternoon and I liked that outfit.

Mica said...

You look great in the afternoon - I don't notice any of the things you mentioned! I like the printed top with the striped pants :)

I've started taking pics in the morning now because the light is better, it's dark when I get home as it's winter. But I prefer doing it in the afternoon, I can be more leisurely with pictures. In the morning I snap 2 and hope they are both good enough to use!

Elegance Personified said...

What a pretty ring.

When I have to wake up super early for those weeks I start work in the morning, half of the times I don't even have my makeup on and I put it on once I am at my desk. However the weeks I work the afternoon/evening shifts I try to take my photos prior to work when I just got dressed, my hair is washed, makeup done, etc. Truth be told, most of my outfit photos are taken at work though, towards the later part of the day, after my lunch break. I am bad, I know. =(

Camelia said...

You look lovely! I love that blouse. I always take mine after I come home from school, but sometimes I'm just too tired, that's where the problem lies. Haha, lovely post :)

Tere Ávila said...

qué guapa! me encanta el top, te queda genial