Conscious Collection

Last night I was trying to figure what to wear to 
an appointment early today.

Black Suit H&M Conscious Collection - Fuchsia top A - Black suede shoes Moleca - Black bag Roberto Cavalli

I tried on a blue dress and it was too tight. 
Then I tried a black suit that was too awfully tight.
(Is anything ever "beautifully tight ?)
I know I have put on some pounds but last night
was a wake up call - that I keep trying to ignore.

So, being conscious that I have put on about ten pounds I grabbed my Conscious Collection H&M black suit, which fit.
Pants fit a little tight but since the jacket is long, I got away with it.
Now, I have to either get me a Spanx bodysuit or start controlling
my food intake....


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I share your angst.
I am at least 10 pounds heavier than when I started blogging in 2008.
I have lost most of the weight a few times but gained most back on.
I think I am destined to be this weight. However, I saw something on Pinterest that made me smile.
It had a list of things to be grateful for and one was:

I am gratfeul for .....
My clothes feeling too tight because it means that I have enough to eat!

You look great in that suit.

Melanie said...

HI Lorena - you look fabulous! The 10 pounds are not evident, but I definitely understand the desire to stop a disturbing trend. You can do this!!

Anne said...

Hi Lorena! You look great in that suit!Hope you are having a good week:)

Katie Aman said...

I think you look fantastic! Black is always a good basic that looks stylish :) Beautiful necklace too!

Mica said...

You look great! As long as you feel healthy and happy, it doesn't matter if your clothes are a little tight :)

drollgirl said...

well you look fab!

i don't even bother trying on many of my clothes lately. i know i have added some pounds in the belly area. i do not want anything tight on my belly. i just hate that. and i could stand to lighten up on the food intake, but it sure is one of life's best pleasures, soooooooo. oy.

i always want to eat more and weigh less. it is annoying. and that strategy isn't working out so well for me! boo!

Giovanna said...

Cute look! I like the pop of red and your necklace!


Jenava said...

I love this suit! Sorry about the weight...that is so frustrating! I'm right there with you. I was supposed to stop drinking during the week but last night we opened a bottle of wine and, well, had to polish it off or it would go bad, right?