April purchases

I started a shopping ban in January.
Broke it on February.
Got back in track in March.
Broke it again in April.
Yeah, apparently I am not very reliable.

Here's what made me do it:

Yummie Tummie grey tank top 3.99 USD
New York & Co. Express blue striped tank top 3.99 USD
Fake glasses 1.99 USD

I never buy pijamas. But, this month I did for 3.99 USD

Ann Klein sleeveless black jacket on sale for 3.99 USD - 
that's what I call a bargain.

Talbots Petites ruffle light blue top for 5.99 USD

Papaya light pink jeans for 5.99 USD

Blue skirt with colored stripe on the side for 3.99. Fits like a glove.

Zara Basic thrifted black and white top for 5.00 USD

I went to buy a present for a friend and 
came home with these Van Cleef and Arpels clover
look alike stainless steel ring and earrings also came along
a Tous look alike ring.. all 3 items for 35.15 USD.

Then it was online shopping at Forever 21.
Union Jack clutch for 27.80 USD plus earrings for 3.80 USD

Just arrived Union Jack flag clutch and earrings.
Also 2 necklaces: wood wayfarer for 1.50 USD plus pearls and 
neon for 10.80 USD

Forever 21 zip front top 1.99 USD / Basic Editions yellow tank top 2.99 USD

            Green Seychelles flats 16.99 USD /Mint tank Grane 3.99 USD 


Black dress Alfani Petites 9.99 USD

                   Long flower print dress Fire Los Angeles 12.99 USD

Michael Kors grey striped dress 9.99 USD

Black dress with embellished pearl neck
INC for 9.99 USD

Shirtdress Antilia Femme 5.99 USD

J.Taylor lavender ruffle neck dress 9.99 USD

Black trousers Rafaella 7.99 USD

Not pictured: Black Style&Co. black jogging pants for 5.99 USD

Now, I hope I can get back on the ban wagon again in May!
Wishful thinking.

My April total ... 230.21 USD


Adeola Naomi said...

Great choices!!!

Melanie said...

You always find such amazing, fabulous deals!!! It would be silly to resist! I especially love the gorgeous black dress with pearls embellishment. Can't wait to see how you style it.

Anonymous said...

This makes me feel better about my splurges in April, but my big expense was $50 for a tiny bit of perfume. I love the dress with the pearl collar and you'll get loads of good out of the black Anne Klein vest.

Margaux said...

These clothes and accessories are so nice!!!
Your nails are also amazing!