Last night I took a spinning class.
I have been trying to find some form of exercise I can enjoy
so I bought a set of 5 spinning classes to give it a try.

Levis jeans - Vintage blouse Tajma - turquoise tank top - Mint belt H&M -
Dani Black blue suede shoes - Urban Expressions bag - vintage pearl ring

So, it's 7:00 pm and I am at the gym for the class.
The instructor arrives and I tell him I have never taken a spinning class.
I sit on the bike, the guy turns on the music, people get in place, 
then he turns the lights off and begins pedaling to nowhere.
I am bored to death. I begin to yawn. Seriously YAWN.
Ten minutes into the class I begin to sweat and I begin to get tired so
I slow down and I am still bored.

My legs hurt and it's dark.
Everyone around me is hyped and pedaling like crazy - 
I can hear their breathing.
Thirty minutes into the class I am tired and wondering why anyone
would do this to their body.

I am there thinking that I need to wash my hair and that I still have 4 more classes to go -even though I have already decided that this is not for me.
Thirty two minutes, I stop and walk out of the class leaving behind a half dozen
people pedaling like Eliot while he carried E.T. on to the moon.
No wonder I don't exercise. I hate it, specially indoors.
I think that going to the gym when having the possibility of doing
anything and everything outdoors is totally idiotic and a waste of money.

That's just me...


Kathya Stryzak said...

Buen dia Lore..que delicada es su camisa ..ta linda..besos y buen martes

Nora said...

Thank you for the warning. I thought about a spinning class too :).
Oh, and I love your blouse and bag!
xx Nora

La Penny Lane said...

Yo hacía Hidrobike (spinning en la piscina) cuando vivia en Brasil, es muy divertido y creo que es mejor que spinning....

Me encantó su look, linda siempre!!!


He and She said...

Haha, this made me laugh. I've heard horror stories about spinning classes and it seems only complete gym buffs manage to stick out the classes. I'd prefer a nice bike ride through the park any day.



momto8 said...

My husband and I got free passes to a local gym and would meet at lunch for spinning classes..that made the class fun!!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
how about Zumba? that is all the rage

LyddieGal said...

hahaah, I know how you feel Lorena!
I know I should, nay, need to exercise, but the way we go about it is just absurd.
So I walk the dog. Like 6 minutes a day. And call it exercise.
Chic on the Cheap

Anonymous said...

the blouse is gorgeous. I have never taken a spinning class and have a very similar attitude as you toward exercise. I think we have to make movement somehow a part of our daily lives...or it feels like drudgery.

Anne said...

I really should exercise more but I hate it too! I love your outfit! Thanks for visiting my blog ! I am now following you:)

Dressing Up For Me said...

I´m with you on the gym thing. I´d prefer walking outdoors than staying indoors.

As for the top, luv it! I have a blouse whose sleeves are like the ones you´re wearing and I´m having a hard time styling it. You just gave me an idea! ;)

Anonymous said...

You do make me laugh, Lorena.

joshylola said...

Hola, yo empecé con clases de fitness y estoy encantada.Me gusta la blusa.Saludos

ana said...

a mi tampoco me gusta el spinning pero si tonificas mucho las piernas y bajas de peso rápido... pero ni modo yo tmb odio el gym... prefiero caminar... ame tu blusa ;)

Jenava said...

LOL...you are funny. (-: I do the elliptical at the gym, with my own music on headphones. It's still pretty boring. Or, I bike outside. That is more fun but can be dangerous (which is part of the fun, I think!). Plus, you can actually get places on your bike, so it's useful, too. I used to run, as well, but it was too hard on my feet.

Elegance Personified said...

Hahaha I feel you 100% on exercise. Not for me. My body can't do it. My mind can't do it. I have had and closed 4 gym memberships within 3 months (one actually lasted up to 5). They were a waste of money. Maybe if I went with another friend and we pushed each other to work and keep purselves fit. IDK.

Anyway lovely blouse & ring. =)