Memory Lane

It's not the same post, however I am still wearing the same dress.
Emma & Michelle red dress - Oh Deer! black heels - Vintage black patent bag 

Happens that yesterday afternoon I had to attend a University 
graduation ceremony.


The ceremony was held in what use to be my Junior High School.

Since I was there over an hour earlier, I decided to take a walk
around my old school.

One of the entrances, where I would sit on the rail and wait for the bus.

The building is now a University and to my very own surprise the place
looks almost exactly the same.

The fact it looked the same drove me directly down Memory Lane.
Friends. Teachers. Moments.
Gym class... how I hated gym class !

One of the things that went through my mind is why I did not appreciate 
the place at the time... specially all the nature around it. 
In fact I think I never paid any attention to it.

Now, I am just a visitor.


Terri said...

Hm, this is an interesting post to me...and has me thinking about places that I once felt so attached to and then passed on...

Meli22 said...

that is such a pretty dress! I love how it fits you and the color couldn't be better. I wish I could pull off red like that but somehow it always misses the mark and makes me look... ill(?)

Sorry I've been missing lately, but I'm back now and feeling better :) I've got a lot of posts of yours to read!


Bella said...

Your dress is amazing. Red is a great color for you!

Elegance Personified said...

I love when you show us blogs filled with amazing, unique photos and just as amazing and unique stories. =) Love the last two pics of the kitties.