Not me

This outfit is so unlike me.
Don't you think ?

We all have an idea of what our style is, or at least know what we like.
This skirt is something I would not have bought for myself. 
It's not that I don't like it - it's just not me.
It's long and wrap around - two things I am not very used to wearing.
But, it is also a soft jean fabric, very light, 
extremely comfortable and it does not wrinkle.

Jean wrap skirt TopShop - White tank top -  Blue vintage scarf -
 Rust bag Pagani - Blue suede moccasins Zara
This skirt was in a bag of goodies that was given to me by my great 
aunt who is in her 90's.
Many things in the bag were vintage, 
like the scarf I am wearing.
Anyways, I've had the skirt for a while now and I thought 
I would finally wear it and get the hang of it.
I am not feeling it... so far.

It's not my style, but I feel that you should not constrain yourself
and set up boundaries or limits - you need to explore outside your
comfort zone.

So, now I am just wondering if I keep it or not.

How about you ?
Do you step out of your comfort zone 
when it comes to clothes ?


Dr. Da said...

I agree it is not your style. You have so many great items that are more you, I say let this skirt go.

Kathya Stryzak said...

Lore......Saia larga linda!!

Raquel said...

es bonita la falda pero a mí no me favorecería!!
Besos guapa!!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I had a skirt just like that and struggled with it. I ended up giving it away. LOL It just never did anything extra for me.

La Mary said...

Pues si nena, hay que experimentar y salir un poco de nuestro estilo!!!
La Merche es la protagonista de una serie muy conocida aquí en España, narra como se vivía en este país en esa época y claro, vestían así tipo a como salgo yo en mi ultimo post! jajaja.
Besitos corazon.

his_girl_friday said...

I like to step out of my comfort zone as long as it doesn't cost me more than $5. Love that scarf!

Meli22 said...

While you do look good in this silhouette, I think that a prettier, more flowy skirt would be more you than a heavier jean wrap skirt.

Shybiker said...

You're right -- I wouldn't expect this skirt on you, but it is attractive. Sometimes it pays to try new styles.

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Great skirt! Love your look. Happy Valentines day! <3<3

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Lorena,

I love the skirt,this is something i would wear i think
About going out of your comfort zone, i always try to think out of the box as far as outfit but i have to be comfortable and i have to feel it because if i don't i will never wear it again. Is this skirt a keeper for you? My opinion is if you do not feel it, get rid of it!

Happy Valentine my friend!


drollgirl said...

it is good to try new looks. it can be fun. but i hate when i try them and i feel UNCOMFORTABLE in them all day!

i kind of picture you in this if the skirt is shorter -- a lot shorter! and that is easily done if you like the idea!

Elegance Personified said...

I like the skirt. I am just not sure I like it with the simple white top and the scarf. It looks kind of predictable and safe, this way. Next time around try wearing it with a red blouse (with some type of small detail, such as a scarf or bow neckline, or some type of ruffle). Tuck the blouse inside the skirt, add a few colorful bangles (like 3 or 4), some gold flat gladiator sandals, a pair of gold hoops (not too big) and I think this skirt will make A WINNER of an outfit!! Try it. I am picturing it right now and I think it would look FAB on you!

As far as stepping out of the comfort zone, I do it quite often. In essence I remain true to myself however. Style evolves with time and I think this happens not just on fashion magazines, stores, runway shows and designs created by designers. It happens to each and every one of us as well, in our daily style and how we wardrobe ourselves. =)

Take Care, Lorena. =)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, it seems like a whole lotta skirt for someone as petite as you. I guess...I guess I'm not really a fan. (Why do I have such a hard time saying that someone?)

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

You were able to take a piece that wasn't something you would normally wear and make it your own. Very nice!

I love the scarf.