Toucan and squirrel !

I live in a city.
A city that loses a couple of trees each day
and where none are replanted.
You can imagine my surprise
when I was about to take my picture, I look
up and see a toucan. 
A toucan in the city !

Tommy Hilfiger jean shorts - Hang Ten white t shirt -
 Forever 21 beige cardigan - Wedges Payless - Roberto Cavalli black tote
Yep, that's my "I am amazed look" - 
so, as I am trying to get a picture of the toucan I see
a squirrel !
A squirrel in my city ?!

While the toucan did get away... 
at least I got a bad picture
of Mr. Squirrel.

After this, all I can say is Happy Sunday ! 


Bombshellicious said...

lovely pic but so sad none of the trees are being replaced. It makes me angry that allthe good stuff is destroyed grrr xx

Kathya Stryzak said...

Buen dia Lore..look verano que maravilla..besos y buen lunes