Definition of HAND-ME-DOWN

: put in use by one person or group after being used, discarded, or handed down by another. <hand–me–downclothes> <hand–me–down anecdotes>
Merriem Webster Dictionary
Levis jeans 1974 Sandybell reissue - khaki blouse NY Colletion - belt H&M -  Michael Kors black bag - Innovativi wedges 

There is something appealing about hand-me-down clothing.
Well, at least for me.

My button down shirt is a hand me down and fits a little big.
However I fell in love with the color and with the fabric.

I got it yesterday from an aunt and decided to wear it today.
I think one of the things that make hand-me-downs appealing... 
well they are free !


Melrose said...

oooh, great hand me down score! And I love how you belted it :)

Style Journey said...

Totally agree! Hand me downs are the best. Like the saying goes, "One persons trash is a another person's treasure" Not that I am saying the shirt is trash, because it's awesome, lol!

And the belt is just to die for!

Kathya Stryzak said...

Hola Lore..perfecto..el jeans + camisa ..bien divino..besos linda!!


LyddieGal said...

Free really does have a certain allure. haha. plus this works perfectly wonderfully belted!

Chic on the Cheap

Anonymous said...

Very pretty, and I love the addition of the cool belt. I don't live near family and no one really offers me hand-me-downs, but I'm currently putting together a box of them to send to my sister. :)

Anonymous said...

Free is always good! I actually love that shirt on you. It doesn't look too big at all. I take hand me downs quite often. Some of my favorite pieces have been hand me downs!

ana said...

wow te ves super bien con esa camisa y ese cinturón!!! muy chic y elegante!

Bombshellicious said...

Lovely outfit and loving the necklace xx