Hola from Colombia

I am in Bogota, Colombia
for a short business trip.
I have to travel for work and I am ok with that.

DKNY black jeans - Zara grey turtleneck - Franco Sarto red flats

But, sometimes there are just things I dislike about flying.
One of them is THAT SMELL as soon as you walk into the airplane,
it does not smell like anything in particular but it's just horrid.

Another thing is the pilot telling you things you don't want to hear.
Things you can live without knowing.
For example at what speed you are going, the altitude you are at and 
what you are flying over.
Seriously, do you think that knowing I am over rainforest or in the middle
of the ocean will make my flight more pleasant ?

Is there anything in particular YOU dislike about flying ? 


Angeline said...

I love flying, but I know EXACTLY what you mean by the smell. It makes me a little claustrophobic. But nothing beats the feeling of being able to jet off to anywhere in the world on a plane.

jamie-lee said...

I just hate how long youre cramped up on a plane!

Biba said...

I don't fly that often so I really enjoy it when I do, nothing bothers me quite as much - as long as things run smoothly, of course :)

My husband and I are flying to London for the weekend in nine days and I'm very much looking forward to that!

Meli22 said...

I have only flown 2x- the first was to Mexico and the second was to Germany. All in all, I prefer road trips.

I LOVE that turtleneck! I used to have one like this- but it didn't fit as good as yours, and it got a big hole in it. : ) Great travel outfit!!! I would totally wear this going through an airport, tsa, etc.

LyddieGal said...

I don't know that there is much to like about flying at all. You have to get there crazy early. You have to walk barefoot through security. You have let people rifle through your belongings and occasionally get a pat down.

Then there is all the stuff you mentioned. Plus bad food, and my ears always hurt during the landings.

Ah well, Happy travels!!

Delane said...

Knowing that the tray table has probably never been washed.

The use of the word placards.