Walking Around

The car is still in the shop.
I took it to have it checked and have the oil changed, 
you know "regular maintenance".
DKNY Black jeans · Alfred Dunner top · Qupid leopard shoes · Black Neiman Marcus Tote
Car is about to turn 6 years (one with me) and
has not reached the 40,000 km, I am the only one
who drives it and I only use it in the city.
So, I would say that it is well taken care of.

Got the call from the shop, happens that one of parts
I have to change, well it costs almost 700.00 USD and to 
that I must add labor and other little things... 

The car was last in the shop in October and just LAST WEEK
I finished paying off that bill... seems like I am working just to
maintain this car - that I actually use very little - 
Every time I have to get it repaired I always say I am going to 
sell it. But, then I say I will "enjoy" it a little more....


KATHY said...

Buen dia Lore!!! lindo el colete con la camisa blanca..un estilo lindo...y como siempre con buenos accesorios..besosss

Sheila said...

Yikes, sell it, Lorena! You can buy one that works for the amount you've sunk into this one!

You look lovely today! The leopard is the perfect "pop" in this outfit!

LyddieGal said...

You love the car, but the car is not loving you back; maybe it's time to let it go.

I think the leopard shoes here are wonderful as well, always a perfect pairing with red!

Chic on the Cheap

Kristen said...

I just had TWO major repairs done to my car in less than two weeks. ARGH! One more and I'm trading it in. I've had it 7 years now; it's not worth as much as the repairs.

Shybiker said...

Sorry about the car. Your necklace is stunningly beautiful.

Vanilla said...

Thats not great about your car, but I love your necklace! :)

Love, Vanilla

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Cute outfit!! I love how you layered the collar shirt under that red top. The patterned shoes also add a lot of interest to the outfit, very cute!


Jenava said...

I sold my car about 3 years ago. I commute on the bus to work, and I can walk everywhere because we live in the city. But, last week when I was late, and then the bus was even later, and I was waiting for the bus in the rain and wind and dark I did wish, just a tiny bit, that I still had it. (-: But it was so expensive!

Love your outfit and the necklace is perfect with this. You look good in red.