A NO, NO !

I don't know about you.
But, my grandma has a list of no-nos.
She grew up in a home with 7 older sisters, a brother, a dad 
and no mom (she passed away when Grandma was 2) . 
In order to make things work in such a big household 
they had to be pretty strict and help each other out.
The eldest sisters took charge and were very disciplined with
all the children. 
One of the many, many things that they took care
of was their appearance and grooming.

Some of it, of course has been passed 
on to me by my very loved grandma.

While in high school, I heard this a lot:


DKNY Jeans (again!) · CAble & GAuge red sweater · Nine West flats · Neiman Marcus tote

I did a NO-NO today as I walked out of the house with a damp head :(

I have to say that I totally agree with my grandmother,
damp hair does not help you look put together.
It clearly shows that you were not ready on time...
like me this morning.

Gold tone chain from Forever 21
Murano Glass ring purchased in a street market in Florence

I am thankful that my office dress code is not a strict one
as if it were, this would not be accepted...
However I have to do this for me, not anyone else.

How about you ?

Any NO-NOs you have ? 


Vanilla said...

Amazing ring :) love your outfit

Love, Vanilla


Dr. Da said...

I too try not to leave the house with damp hair. But sometimes it just happens. When it does I usually throw my hair in a ponytail, because somehow I think a wet ponytail looks more pulled together than just plain wet hair. I like the bold color on a Friday!

drollgirl said...

girl, you look RAVISHING IN RED!!! totally!

the wet hair thing isn't so great. i admit that i slack on the weekends (particularly in the hair department, and particularly if i don't have any incredible plans). good hair and clothes and make up go a long way.

a shower is pretty much a MUST for me. always. and makeup if i am going out in public! i wish i didn't have to, but i DO! :)

have a great weekend!

LyddieGal said...

I don't like to leave the house without some chocolate in my purse :)

I love the dolman sleeved sweater. those are my new favorite.

Chic on the Cheap

Shybiker said...

I agree it's a mistake to leave with damp hair, that's never a choice and always a compromise. Sometimes we're just too rushed to finish grooming.

The no-no I do regularly is not shave my face. I hate shaving in general, so when I'm not scheduled to go to court or meet with a client, I'll skip it.

十十f十 said...

i like your glass ring.

i don't think i've given this no-no issue much thought. i have rules for what to go with/not to go with when it comes to clothes and shoes, but not for things like hair. i do agree wet hair just doesn't look 'nice' esp if the hair's long and curly. i think most no-nos have to do with hair: no hair on armpits and legs, please.

De Vero said...

Och you look so great in red!! And that necklace is to die for!!


Anonymous said...

I guess I don't have strict no-no's when it comes to how I look. You don't want me to start talking about onions, do you? :D OK, maybe I don't wear shorts, leather pants, skirts or tops, fur, and open shoulder top's or dresses. I go out with damp hair a lot in summer as I just can't stand blow drying them. However if I went out with damp hair in winter a flu is guaranteed.
Red definitely looks goon on you!

crystal glamour said...

love the ring :)
thanks for checking out my music

i'm your new follower will you follow me back please??