Kasmira Inspired

I do not think she needs introduction, 
I am certain you all know Kasmira from her blog:
What I wore 2 day.

I have been seeing her do her animal print combinations 
beautifully and was certainly inspired by her look below,

To obtain my look this morning:

Nine West dress · Cable & Gauge cardigan · Michael Kors shoes · Mondani bag

Thank you Kasmira !


Judy C said...

The top outfit is a bit bright for me. An interesting combo. I definitely wouldn't wear it if I didn't have a terrific figure. You do, I don't

Shybiker said...

This works nicely. I'm tentative about mixing strong prints, but you found a way to do it. Congrats!

十十f十 said...

hmmm... i'm really not a fan of exotics in big doses. but i think you did it better than her. mostly because the zebra looks quite muted.

Sheila said...

Lovely! Kasmira is such a great inspiration!

Kasmira said...

Ha! Love it! And thank YOU!

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I especially Love your look Lorena. You did this perfectly. I too have mixed prints on occasion.

Anonymous said...

your combination is fabulous!

n yes... i follow kasmira...n thats how i found ur blog :)