How much do you shop ?

Unlike last year when I did 6 month shopping ban, 
for 2011 I decided to not commit to anything.

No shopping ban, no established budget, no nothing.
However, after my self imposed ban of 2010 I learned 
many things as a consumer and one of them is
that you need to have control.
In this case, control translates simply to keeping track
of what it is I am spending on.
For instance in the month of January.

Here is what I spent:

My monogrammed initial in silver,
from a local designer, 80.00 usd

Rachel Roy dress 9.99 usd             Kensie girl dress 9.99 usd

Triumph strapless bra, 27.00 usd

The total amount of USD spent in January - including tax - was 130.26 USD

Of all of the above the only thing I actually needed, badly - 
was the strapless bra.
Meaning that IF I had committed to only replacing what needed to be replaced, I would have 100.00 USD  + in my wallet :)


Judy C said...

What a concept. Budget, ban on spending. I'm not being flip. I just never thought of that for me. I have gotten a little, little, very little better at shopping. My hang-up is trying things on. Those mirrors really intimidate me.

Shybiker said...

I had no idea of the conflict women feel about shopping until I started buying women's clothes myself (two years ago).

As a guy, I'd only shop to replace worn-out clothes (maybe once a year). As a gal, I shop every week just to see what's available. And, frequently, when there's something tempting in front of you, the inclination is to grab it, budget be damned.

So I now see the dilemma. And the need to be conscious of spending. I never had a spending-problem before. Fashion is so seductive...

BTW, your purchases are really nice.

Miss Emma Kitty said...

This is such a good question. I shop too much. I probably spend at least $150.00 a month on shoes or something else that I don't need lol. I have been saving for some fancy shoes though so the last couple of months I haven't really spent much. I am impressed that you think this out and look at what you have spent. I just keep going. Shame on me. Btw, I LOVE Rachel Roy. Your purchases are Great !! Sorry for the long comment but I have one question. Do you hate buying the things that are needed ? I do. I hate it when I run out of my basic makeup or my face wash and moisturizer. I definitely go buy it, I just think it sucks. I am a Brat and would rather put that money toward shoes lol. I will be doing some shoe posts in the coming days.

Vanilla said...

I keep a recipt diary and last year I spent WAY too much so I'm aiming at spending half that this year, I like being organised and if feels good to be in control of my spending :) ha

Love, Vanilla

Jenava said...

The thing that has saved me many times is when I see a tempting display (it's usually seeing the items in an outfit that gets me excited about it) and I do a mental check of my closet first. I have SO many clothes (having worked for a major fashion retailer for 3 years now) that many times I realize that I actually already have very similar components...or that the outfit would require all new pieces to replicate it and would therefore be very expensive (and not very versatile). It's when I see a spread where I need only one, moderately priced piece to complete the look that I take out my wallet.

Delane said...

I didn't shop for a year. Well almost, bought very few things. Right now I'm only buying clothes based on miles I run. For each mike I earn a dollar and when I get to a specific goal weight I can shop. I'm also allowing myself to use gift cards from people that I get as gifts and ones I already have.

Once this year is over I will give myself a yearly budget, when it is gone it will be gone.

I now shop from lists. eg. I need a new dark winter suit or I need new low black heals. I leave a few lines open for frivolous items.

十十f十 said...

i must say that's very good self-discipline. i always feel and know that most of us spend too much. sometimes i'd even be proud of my own 'achievements'... until i compare myself to my frugal and wise sister in law. i tried to keep tabs of monthly expenditures but i wasn't consistent. so i still don't know what's the 'best' month when i only spent on necessities such as transport and food.

Anonymous said...

my goal for this year was not to think twice before buying. Now I think four times before buying. Do I really really really really need this? If the answer is yes I take it, if no, then well.. I go away. I used to spend lots of money on my clothes, however now I think I'm a recovering shoppoholick and don't buy so much useless stuff.
I like both your dresses and the pendant! Just wait till you see what February brings. :)

Victoria said...

I think if we only ever bought what we needed we'd have loads of 'spare' cash, but wheres the joy in not treating yourself once in a while. I actually don't think $130 is that bad, and look at all the lovely things you've got...but don't take any advice from me I'm terrible with money and spend waaaaay too much on clothes, shoes, accsessories etc (which is probably why I don't think $130 is that bad) xxx

KATHY said...

Divinas compras!!! siempre con buenos accesorios!! besos Lorena

Bombshellicious said...

If you pop over to my blog I have an award for you Lorena xx

LyddieGal said...

So, what do you wish you had that $100 for?
Because that is the question I keep coming back to. Other than having money in my savings account for when that rainy day comes, what do I want to spend it on?
I don't go out for drinks on the weekend, or to the movies, and I'm not saving for a trip to europe. What does a person with a non existent social life do for fun? Shop.

And I think deep down that is what bothers me the most, having a closet full of clothes to go places in, and not going anywhere.