Monday Madness

Mondays are usually a little hectic.
This was no exception, with many
things pending to be done and very 
little time to finish it all.

Green dress Elie Tahari · Cardigan Cable & Gauge ·
· Neiman Marcus Tote · Calvin Klein wedges

 Silver ring from Costa Rica · Butterfly pendant Smithsonian (gift)

Lucky the folks who have the day off to 
celebrate Martin Luther King !


Anonymous said...

I worked today too and it was a horrible day. It's a time of the year when we get lots of new staff and I start drinking my tranquility tea.
As green is my favorite of all colours, I like your outfit very much today :)

drollgirl said...

those jerks that have today off while the rest of us slave away! lol

you look fab. you are fearless with color and patterns. yay! :)

.Sex.Fashion.Glam. said...

Love this outfit! XOXO


Sarah said...

Great outfit!! Love the green dress on you!!

Sarah at Classroom Chic

JoeyAna said...

love the print mixed with the green dress very complementary!


Angeline said...

I really like this outfit! The pops of color are so fun, and that printed sweater is a great complement to it all. Sorry you had to work today. I had the day off, but did some catch-up work anyway.

Sheila said...

Great outfit - I love the print on the cardi with the green dress. Such a luminous colour on you!

LyddieGal said...

The printed cardi is really pretty, and I love the green dress.
Hope you have a more relaxing Tuesday!

LaToya said...

I adore this color combo! I need to try this! Those pumps are awesome btw!

Iris said...

Wow, the green of that dress is fabulous!! I also love the neutral black and white cardi, these are great pieces :)

Jenava said...

I worked too. But who cares what you do when you look so cute?