Listography Wednesday

Formally starting today, all Wednesdays
will be Listography days.

Meaning I will make lists, but not just any lists.
Lists that are insightful and that make you think and
reveal a little about me.

A couple of us bloggers are doing it as 
mentioned HERE.

So without further introduction, here is today's list:

List Leaders You are Inspired by

Ok, first of all I have to say that
I have no leader I am inspired by.

At least not one in my top of mind.

In fact, I am totally disappointed.

Maybe if I peek into other blogger's lists 
I can add one or two but, I guess the
idea is to pick MY brain.

I find everyday people more
inspiring than "leaders"
but, if I must:

Gandhi was quite a guy.

I thought Al Gore was too, that is until I saw his electricity bill !


Anonymous said...

I wrote my lists too, yay :D Shame I hadn't enough time, stupid work is pressing the last juices out of me.
You know, I'm not sure about the leaders too. Probably the world's greatests leaders don't inspire me.

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

You are cracking me up! I'm going to be quoting 'Ghandi, quite a guy' all week!

Notorious MLE said...

Ha ha ha! This post cracked me up.

Torrie said...

Seriously! This was a hard one!

...which made it so nice to have my kids do it for me:). And it's so funny because I kept thinking about who I wanted to write about, and guess who kept coming to mind?? Ghandi.

Joye Schwartz said...

You're a leader in the listography fun pointing out we have no great leaders!
Ghandi is quite a guy, true, true. Seems that so many supposed leaders are hypocritical!