Catching up on my lists...

Yesterday on this post
I explained a little about a project I will be doing 
every Wednesday.

This idea is originally from a group of girls including Torrie  
(who's blog I read it from) .

It's about making lists, but not of just groceries
and people you would like to run over.
(yeah, tell me YOU don't have THAT list!)

It's about listing things that make you think about 
who you are, what you want, where you are going
and also a way to share a little about
yourself in a fun way.

So, since this Listography project started on December 29th, 
I am catching up !

As odd as it may sound, this year, me the list maker 
chose not to make any new year's resolutions or goals.

Ok, I have been caught.
I have not read a good book in ages.
So I am going back and from what I can 
recall, the book "Mary Queen of Scotts" 
was a tear jerker for me.
Certain poems from Gustavo Adolfo Becquer's (Spanish writer) 
and reading some of my High School Yearbooks dedications 
have made me teary. 

How some mothers can be so overprotective and 
totally blind when it comes to their kids.

How someone that meant everything to you at a certain 
time in your life can suddenly disappear from it.

How some people just do not have common sense.
As a friend says it happens so be the "least common of senses"!

Politicians. Taxi drivers. 

Calculus and advanced mathematics.

Hugh Hefner getting married.

That's it !
I am all caught up.
Next Wednesday's list is:

List Leaders You are Inspired by.


ana said...

The same things that are beyond your grasp of understanding apply to me! specially how people that one time where so close to you... for some reason they disappear!

great list ;)

Torrie said...

Love your take on the list..

I have a friend who I feel is blind in regards to a particular area with her children. I have tried to share (in a respectful way) my thoughts- when she asks for feedback, but it's a touchy subject and it's hard getting someone who is "blind" to see.

And #2- Oh, so very true.

I know I said this before, but make sure you link up your post so that others can see your great list! :)

Notorious MLE said...

I love number one on your list. It is really hard when parents have the "my kid can do no wrong" attitude.

Anonymous said...

If we were on Facebook I would press the Like button :)

so true about the mothers, although I do not understand some woman who have kids but don't take care of them at all. Or treat them bad.