Tuesday Night

Tuesday night we went out to a concert.
I went just because, as I am not a fan.
But, how could I let free tickets 
worth 400.00 USD and the
opportunity to dress up go to waste ?
My first choice was shorts and net tights, 
but it was raining endlessly, so I changed to 
black jeans.
DKNY jeans · Zara top · Charlotte Russe bracelets · Melissa shoes ·
Changing was a good choice because it was quite a long walk under
the rain, going through puddles to get to the location they
were having the concert.
However I think I would have been the only person in 
shorts+tights... which would have been fun.
I'll just have to save it for another time.
I've had this Zara top/dress hanging in my closet for almost 2 years.
Unworn, tags remained on.
So it was a relief to finally wear !


Melissa said...

You look stunning! Shorts and tights would have been gorgeous but you look super hot in what you ended up wearing too!

Sheila said...

What was the concert? What band?

You look wicked good in those shorts, girl! Nice legs! You look very classy in your alternate outfit, but the shorts are so fun.