I have a Confession to make....

How about 7 ?

7 Confessions.
Well, Melrose tagged me in her "7 Confessions," 
so now it's my turn! And as per protocol I will tag other bloggers as well!

1. I have been caught shaving and doing my nails in an office environment.
2. I am not a vegetarian but I can go weeks without meat or chicken.
3. I am terrified of natural disasters, specially earthquakes.
4. I dated a cousin once.
5. I donate and lend items to a local museum.
6. I only have one credit card
7. I have only read 2 books this year.

Well now comes the fun part.
The part where I tag you.
Now, don't feel obligated to post :)

I tag:

Ana at Coffee Break
Drollie at Drollgirl
LyddieGal at Chic on the Cheap
Miss Emma Kitty at FancyBella


Shybiker said...

These are funny!

Anonymous said...

first one sounds a bit scary. :D I hope there's a friendly atmosphere in your office.
I'm afraid of natural disasters too, and terrorism as well.

ana said...

Gracias Lorena!!! ahora mismo lo preparo ;)

drollgirl said...

NUMBER 4??!?!? how can i top that?!?!?!? LOL!!!!!