Dressember Week

I am aware that many fellow bloggers are
making this month Dressember, with the goal of
wearing all theirs dresses (repeats accepted) during this
festive month.
Black Dress GO Target · Flats Obsession · Bag Arena Milano
What a great idea, don't you think ?
Give all those dresses some sunlight !
I want to join but, since the month already started I
am just going to make THIS my Dressember week.
Magnet necklaces and bracelet

Anyone else would like to join ?


Sheila said...

If I wasn't going to be out of work in oh, 4 days, I would. :(

You look lovely, Lorena!

KATHY said...

Hola Lorena..el vestido negro es lo basico de un placar..con accesorios se queda divino..

sobre tu pergunta de los esmaltes...me parece q tengo mas de 350...
ahora que voy a Brasil tengo mas uns 30 para comprar jajajajja

besos !!

Frances Joy said...

Once I'm done with my 30x30, I might try a week of dresses. I love dresses, though. This LBD is perfect!

Meli22 said...

I would like to make a goal to wear all of my dresses... all 3 of them lol. ; )

Meli22 said...

oops forgot to say how lovely that dress is on you- beautiful! : )

Delane said...

I did a week of dresses last week! But it started in November and by Friday I really wanted to wear jeans :-)

I LOVE dresses especially when I feel bloated or a little chunky. They hide so much and are normally really comfortable.

You look very pretty today and the dress looks great on you.


LyddieGal said...

Dressember sounds fun - though I'm not one to ignore dresses any month of the year. December however, seems like a better month to wear velvet pants and cords and other such things that I wont wear during warmer months...

But things are pretty warm for you, so have fun with it!

Chic on the Cheap

Guapóloga said...

Suena como una idea más que divertida, pero tengo mucho frío por aquí!

Por cierto, bien con el esmalte de uñas verde! ;)

Anonymous said...

your dress is very pretty :) fortunately it's too cold for cute dresses here in UK. Yes, I said fortunately, because I'm not a big fan of wearing dresses myself :)
by the way, I've got a similar magnetic necklace, bought it in Italy a few years ago and now it always reminds me of holiday and warm weather. :)