Thank you God: It's Friday

Worked until 10:00 pm last night, 
it was a long day.
I am still tired.
SO tired, I did not even want to get dressed today.
This outfit looks so much better in pictures than in real life.
In real life it looks messy and thrown on.
J. Jill skirt, shoes from Payless, tote Neiman Marcus. 

Actually as I write the post I am 
battling sleep, I am falling asleep, so 
if I tell you a secret or start cursing it's
just my subconscious.


Miss Emma Kitty said...

You look Great ! I wish I looked this good after no sleep. I love the color combo of this outfit.

KATHY said...

Hello Lore!!
saquito rosa lindo..mañana me compro uno! besos

ana said...

I feel exactly like you today... gorgeous pink sweater

LyddieGal said...

Goodness -- 10pm?! Get some sleep!
(i need to as well - how did it get to be 2:30 am already...)

Sheila said...

You look so pretty! Not thrown together at all. :)

Iris said...

That skirt is so beautiful, it looks like you made it yourself :)