Bed Hunt Over

My IKEA Morkedal bed (below) broke a little over a year ago.
I was in Argentina at the time when my H informed me 
the front part had broken in two pieces.
I told him to remove the legs and let the bed
sit on the floor and that when I got home we
would deal with it.
And so my search began.
I was not very clear on exactly what I wanted, all
I did want was a big padded headboard.
We started hitting at least 4 furniture stores per weekend.
He was going insane, he really liked the one above and 
I almost succumbed and bought it.
But, it was not what I wanted.
Months went by and we kept on visiting furniture stores,
at least once a month.
I had something like below in mind, but anything 
similar to this was totally out of my budget.

So the bed hunt continued.
My H had lost it more than once, he refused to look
at any more beds.
So I did one final round at the stores and
had two finalists:

This one...
The other one was this:

They were within the same price range.
Then we both agreed on: Calligari's

It was delivered two days after we bought it
and assembled the same day !

So, this is my new bed.
I like it, the only thing is that now I need to do some
work on the room so it will match the bed.
I will be removing the artwork on the wall and will
replace it with something more subtle.
I will also paint and probably get new curtains.
So, this is not over... but is it ever ?


Shybiker said...

Ha! You bring in a beautiful bed and then the rest of the room looks dingy so you need to improve that. Yes, it's a never-ending process.

It is a very pretty bed.

Anonymous said...

oh my, what a beautiful bed! good luck with the remodeling!

Anonymous said...

so this is "The Bed" nice finding!
i love that small2 painting above ur bed...

Jenava said...

Ah, and an even better questions; would you want it to be?

Love the headboard. Good choice! (-:

Iris said...

What a beautiful bed, the giant padded headboard looks really chic. I am holding out until I can afford a king size mattress :)