Where is this From ?

Five days of checking labels.
Checking all I eat, checking products I use and clothes I wear.
Reading the label to know where it has been made.
Everyday encountering a new country in my labels and also everyday 
finding I am practically Chinese in regards to wardrobe. 
My labels keep on telling me "Made in China" or "Fabrique en Chine".
Today is no exception.
Today my jeans 7 For All Mankind are made in the US, 
the rest is made in China.
My deo was Dove made in Mexico, perfume and soap were French.
My make up came from the US, Germany, England and certainly China.
Accessories were silver items from Mexico.
Mexico is also the origin of assembly for my German brand car.
I stopped for gas that only God knows where it came from and had local 
coffee, bread and cheese for breakfast.
I am posting from a MAC made in China while wearing 
Avon nail polish made in the US and just put my hair up with a 
plastic clamp made in China.

What do you think about this ?

I will be doing a recap and maybe even throwing in the weekend for
analysis but this label checking exercise has got me thinking...


Melrose said...

my goodness... and we wonder why their economy is becoming the most powerful in the world!

Super cute vest btw!

Delane said...

Love the look today!

Frances Joy said...

This is a great look. I've certainly started thinking a lot since I started doing this challenge with you. I really can't wait to see your recap.

Anonymous said...

Uff.. I love da vest n da elvis bag..
I think I'm going to start 'check ur label' series as well. N ll report to u :)

Kristen said...

This has been the coolest exercise; I am looking forward to your recap! I thought I would have more China-made items than I do, and I have been surprised at how much I have that is made in Italy. Who knew?!