What's a polo shirt anyways ?

This week my goal is to make polo shirts work appropriate.
First of all a "polo" shirt is defined as 
A knit pullover with a turned-over knit collar and placket at the neck. 
Originally worn by polo players because the collar stayed down during play, polo shirts became popular leisurewear in the 1930s, being worn by both men and women in fashionable summer resorts. ...", well this according to:

The definition works for me.

Other definitions include the words casual and sportswear.
So the idea to make this work is dress that polo up and make it
work appropriate!

Today I took my yellow striped Lacoste polo to the next level by 
wearing it with a pleated cotton skirt by Zara, a patent skinny belt 
of the same yellow tone and a Liz Claiborne bag 
to make it super matchy matchy.

Also added flower print Qupid course pumps 
(which you can't see thanks to Marshmallow's behind) and
simple silver accessories.

For some reason I am really enjoying this challenge !
Which of course, you are welcome to join :)
Do YOU have any tips on how to make polo shirt work acceptable ?
I would love to try them!


Sheila said...

I haven't worn a polo shirt since high school (1985)!

I love the looks you've done this week, Lorena! Looking great.

Jen said...

I have a whole closet full of polo shirts!! Most of them Lacoste and Pink Pony ;-) And your yellow and white one... GOREGOUS!

Oh, and your bra comment was hillarious... I agree 100%!

KATHY said...

Hablame chica..te encanta el amarillo no?
jajajajja como me gusta tu cartera...besos Lore

Jan said...

Polo shirts dont look as good as that on me ..love Jan xx

drollgirl said...

you've done it again!

and those dogs are SO CUTE!!!

with regards to my post today, i refuse to give h*nd j*bs. i think they are stupid. and i CANNOT BELIEVE anybody would actually buy a book to help them improve their technique, but clearly their is a market out there for it. LOL.

delete this comment if it is distasteful! :)

Frances Joy said...

I loooove this outfit! You look so beautiful and put together and those yellow stripes are too much fun.

Mad Dress Game

pinkbuble said...

Hi lorena,
Visiting you back..and this is really awesome blog with lotsa clothes!! Love love..

LyddieGal said...

I think you definitely succeeded in making this work!

The yellow and white combo is very cute and summery (lets pretend it's still summer).

I can't partake in this challenge, as I own no polo shirts. I had a light blue one once, but then it got a bleach mark, and that was that.

Anonymous said...

it is a matchy matchy!
lookin good with polo shirt.

i only have red and black polo shirt, shud try more fun colors like yours :)

Shybiker said...

Fabulous outfit. I have over a dozen (male) polo shirts and never thought they could look as good as you wear them. I love the yellow and white color-scheme.

And it was fun to see the name Zara: I just picked up a Zara skirt today at a thrift-store for $1. (Not as cute as yours, though!)

Carla said...

I like wearing my polo shirts with pencil skirts hehe :) love ur outfit!!!

Marta said...

adorable feminine look!

ana said...

Me gustó muchísimo el look!!!

LaToya said...

Adorable! You look like you should be headed to a tennis game! I love it! I also love tennis!


Iris said...

I love the lacoste polo! The little alligator is my fav, so classic. You're jewelry is awesome today!