Henna Anyone ?

I hate grey or white hairs.
They started invading my head about 6 years ago. 
Just a few in the top part of my head.
I would sit for hours picking through my hair with a tweezer and
plucking them out, until I realized that at that pace I would go bald.
Then about 3 years ago they came in full throttle and my formal
battle began.
First I tried a henna based shampoo and conditioner which worked
for a while but then it became out of control. 
The grays were taking over my hair !
So, I began to use henna.
I have very thin and brittle hair so it was the most 
natural thing I could find.
You see, I have fears.
I worked at Clairol a few years back and there was this lady who 
had been working there for almost 30 years. She had very little hair.
Sonia showed me her picture of when she started working at the company
and she had a vibrant lush full head of hair.  
She told me that her hair had begun to dissapear as she had done
so many colorings in her hair that she had lost count.
So that's why I shy away from color, for now.
Going back to the henna, it smells like grass and it colors
anything really fast. 
You have got to wear gloves to protect your hands and make sure
you do not get any on your skin as it will turn orange.
I usually do it at home, although sometimes I bring my henna
to the salon and have it applied. 
The henna I use is brown/red but there is also black.
You just add the henna with warm water and mix.
Apply and leave on for about 35 to 40 minutes.
That's it, then rinse.
It lasts about 3 weeks between touch ups...
for me at least :)



If your hair is dry I would not use this product as it tends to dry it a bit.
Which for me works fine as I have oily hair.
Before I had to wash my hair everyday but since I have been using henna
I wash it every two or even three days.

I have a very dear friend who does not like it when women dye their grays.
I personally cannot stand seeing them in my hair.
I guess it's just a matter of taste.


Anonymous said...

I have never tried henna, but my dear blond friend once did. She bought a packet of henna powder with a blond lady on it. "amber gold" it said. Then one evening she used it and became more like "milk chocolate" and not "amber gold" :D I cannot describe how angry she was. :D Another friend uses henna all the time and is very happy with it though. She's a redhead.

Bombshellicious said...

The henna looks lovely on u Lorena, its supposed to be very good for hair as well and seems to add a beautiful shine. I didnt bother covering my grey and now although I would like to colour it my hairdresser wont as she says it will spoil my hair as it seems to have gone a real silver colour.

LyddieGal said...

I keep my fingers crossed I will inherit my mother's grey hair -- a single streak down the front (like rogue from x-men).

Otherwise, I too would find myself in the position of not wanting to dye it.

I think your natural dye is working wonderfully, I would have never known!

Chic on the Cheap

Frances Joy said...

For many years, I was certain I'd take after my father, who had pretty much no greys until he was well into his forties.
Then I went to grad school and got three, which I pulled right out. Then I taught again, and got three more - pulled those out, too.

Now I've got a couple that came back... I can usually cover them up with the rest of my hair, but I will be searching for henna when I can't hide them anymore.

KATHY said...

Hola Lore..hoy domingo es dia de pintar el pelo no?
jajaaj siempre pinto en los domingos...
besos linda!

Megan Mae said...

Henna is wonderful. I don't even have grey but it adds beautiful tones. I'm not sure how you do your mix (hot water or acid based) but you can opt for ingredients that aren't so harsh/drying. I really like using orange juice.

I wrote a bit about my experience with henna here: http://dailywaifusnapshot.blogspot.com/2010/03/hair-henna-dye.html

In reference to the first comment - it sounds like she didn't have real henna.

Elaine said...

Wow!! That's awesome. I'll have to tell my mom - she always gets her hair colored and I don' tlike it because it looks so unnatural... (She dyes it RED)..

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

iminozz said...

Wow, that looks nice. I will look into henna for my auburn hair. I've been coloring for years and no thinning. Think they used to use harsher lye products in coloring years ago to explain the clariol lady (bless her)

Anonymous said...

henna is a perfect choice when it comes to dyeing ur hair. cos i think henna has less chemical than other products.

btw i dun get any $ frm henna for posting this comment :P