Where is it from ?

Today is my third day checking out labels on things I wear, 
items I use and goods I eat.
I have to say it's eye opening and sometimes even surprising.
For example, the Bath and Bodyworks liquid soap does not say 
where it is made. It says it is not animal tested but, no
indication on origin.
Do you have any B&Bworks soap you can check for me ?
Maybe yours says where it is made...
I would like to know.
My make up is mostly Smashbox and some items are made in 
the US and others are made in China. I wonder why ?
If you can make a an eyeshadow trio in the US why can't you make a blush ?

My silver accessories are from Mexico, Spain, Peru and Italy.
Another item I could not find a place of origin for
was the lint remover. But, I am pretty sure it was not made in Australia.

In my outfit I continue to have pieces from China.
Note that I have nothing against China.
It's just amazing how they have taken over producing
everything we use.

I drove to my office in a German car assembled in Mexico.
For breakfast had local grown coffee sweetened with Splenda 
sugar substitute made in the US. 
Once again had my Nabisco crackers made in Nicaragua and 
my local made cottage cheese.
For lunch I will most likely have a vegetable soup made locally.
I am posting from a MAC computer assembled in China and
my watch is made in Switzerland.

Below are links from other bloggers who have also checked out their labels, 
so check them out to see what they have found...

Hillary of ByHillary
It was interesting how three of her items, all of which are recognized brands 
did not have the origin information...
One thing I found striking was that her hand soap was from Guatemala!

Francis Joy of Mad Dress Game
I thought it was so cool that she had in one outfit stuff from Haiti, Turkey, Indonesia and China !

Other fellow bloggers will be posting about it, I will
give you heads up as they have.
I think it is interesting to see how the origins of items may differ depending 
on where you are.


Meli22 said...

I am interested in your expiriment- but have declined to do it myself lol! : ) It's neat to think about- it's too bad so many things travel so far to get to us. It would be so much more efficient if we produced more things ourselves. I'd like to see people in other countries do this, and see how many items are from the US! :)

Delane said...

I'm so going to do a follow up on this!

So interesting to see where stuff comes from.


drollgirl said...

girl, i LOVE your jewelry!

i am typing this from the u.s.a from a mac made lord knows where. and my mind is miles and miles away from here if that counts! :)

Frances Joy said...

I'm thinking that if it weren't for China, I might be barefoot. And if it weren't for Indonesia, I'd only wear shirts. Isn't it wild?!

Elaine said...

Wow. That was really interesting! I'll have to check where all our belongings are from..

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Miss Emma Kitty said...

This is Really Cool. I only heck where things were made if they are expensive lol.

LyddieGal said...

You make an interesting point about the cosmetics being made in several countries. I don't understand it either, if they can afford to make somethings in the US, then why not everything?

Slices of Beauty... said...

Lovely idea!
I go mainly local, it's easier to do in England.

Lovely blog.

Sheila said...

I love your shoes, Lorena - those are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

hi im from indonesia :)
i just love love ur Spain shoes!

how i wish you all who love to do some thrifty shopping can come here and we can hunt lots of dresses and accessories! it ll be fun! *day dreaming* :P