The Finger

When was the last time you flicked someone off ? 
You gave them the finger ?
I know, it's so 80's, but is there anything else now ?
This morning I flicked a taxi driver off.
I feel kind of ashamed now, but
Are they like the worst drivers everywhere ?

Natural Exchange top and pants

I had not worn this in ages.
It's been around for about 8 years and before it use to 
be a comfortable piece to go to.
I am not that sure now..


Franca said...

oh my, that pantsuit is GENIUS!

Sheila said...

I never flip anyone off, it's just not me.

I would split up the pieces in the pantsuit to make it look a bit more modern. :)

Anonymous said...

not nice, me no like.:-(

LyddieGal said...

I think it's better than laying down on the horn or trying to drive around the person who is driving badly.
It's a small gesture that (especially from a car) is more for you than the recipient.

I agree that the pieces would work better as separates, head to toe pattern can get a little overwhelming.

iminozz said...

Sadly I 'think' of flipping off everyday but only do it a couple times a week. Like you I often feel guilty or crass afterwards. Yes, taxi drivers deserve it!