Depending on the World

Yesterday I was reading Delane's post on a challenge which consists on buying and eating only local food. I found it extremely interesting.
Personally, I don't find myself often wondering where something
I use or buy came from.
Sure I look, but I do not give it too much thought.
This got me thinking on how dependent we are on our
everyday life on the products that other countries make.

A couple of weeks back I was just reading about Sara Bongiorni's experiment 
on "A Year Without China" where she and her family held back 
from buying anything made in China for an 
entire year and how difficult it was.
So, how dependent are we ?
I did a little exercise that I will be conducting all week
which consists on looking at where things I use come from.
So I begin...

Items of personal use such as soap, deodorant and perfumes
come from France and Mexico.

My toothpaste it's made is the USA and the Smashbox blush I wear is
made in China.
My face powder is made in the USA.
Continuing with products on that I use almost on a daily basis:
eyeshadows and lipstick are made in USA, mascara is made in England,
Eye pencil is from Germany and the brush from China.
I finally got dressed to find that the only garment made
in the USA from my clothes today was my skirt.
When I was dressed, I realized that China
was the number one maker, no matter the brand's origin,
of today's wear.

Drove to work in a German car that was assembled in Mexico.
For breakfast I had local grown coffee with Splenda sugar substitute (made in USA), Nestle dairy creamer (no made in information ?!) local bread and local cottage cheese.

Lunch was a tomato and lettuce salad (local produce) with Paul Newman's dressing (made in USA) and tuna chunks from Costa Rica.

And my day is not close to over.
As far as I can see I have not consumed anything from
Antarctica, the South American, African or Australian Continent...

Would YOU LIKE TO JOIN ME In this challenge ?

It's just one week.

 I would love to see where your stuff is coming from.


hillary said...

I don't know if I could do this as the weather is turning colder we are getting our foods from outside the region but I am absolutely fascinated by this post. I dont know why but but I found it so neat to see where all your stuff was from.

dennicapearl said...

extremely interesting post :D
you've reminded the blogging world that its important and interesting to discover the origin of our items.

<3 dennica pearl
- through the eyes of a pearl
- vintage shop

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I've heard of this general idea and plan to learn more. Thanks!

KATHY said...

Hermosa la pollera Lore..amo las flores ahora

Frances Joy said...

1. Love your outfit
2. Wow. I'm going to try to pay more attention to where my stuff is from. I'll probably be ashamed since most of it will have been made in Central America and China. I'll definitely be doing this for my clothes tomorrow. Possibly also my food....

LyddieGal said...

I like your challenge!
I have become very obsessed with where things are made. I check every label when I'm out shopping. I would go so far as to say country of origin can change my opinion of weather it's coming home with me or not.
I try to avoid China most of all.

One day I wanted to see how diverse my closet was.

I would like to eat more locally. I think it's important to not be so dependent on imports.

Sheila said...

I try to shop and buy locally as much as I can, but it's really hard to completely avoid things made in China. Good luck with your challenge!

Delane said...

you look fabulous today! I love the blouse.

I can't imagine all the other stuff I have and where it comes from. Most is more than likely from China.

Eating local was hard, its doable. Well, except for the whole coffee thing.

Kristen said...

This is an awesome idea! I already try to eat locally and in season when I can. I am going to try to do a post later this week where I tag everything too. LOVE IT!