A Monkey with a Map

Today my day started early, woke up at 6:45 am.
I am in Lima, Peru for work, stores do not open until 10:30 am.
My work is done in stores, so I had some time to walk this morning.
Walked through an area that has tons of antique shops, 
which for me is like taking a kid to Disney.

Now, have I told you I am totally disoriented ? 
Literally, a monkey with a map.
But, I am determined! which makes all the difference.

During my morning walk I made a mental list of 
Five things I love about Peru:

1. Weather: It's paradise. Totally perfect.
It's cool & sunny.

2. Street Signalization. It may seem simple to you but where I come from we have almost none. Addresses are pretty much "under the mango tree".

3. Food. OMG, food is amazing either if it's gourmet or street vendor.

Sorry there is no picture. I have eaten it all.

4. Old Houses. I love all things old. There are certain areas like Miraflores that has the most amazing houses. It's like they are out of a fairy tale.

5. Antiques. They are everywhere in the Miraflores area. I enjoy them so much, even if I cannot buy them. Ordinary stuff totally rock my world. 
It could be an 1800s potty pan, I will treasure it.

OH ! and here's what the monkey wore:
Black trousers· White blouse· Red cardigan by 52 weekends ·
Animal Print belt · Animal print flats Anne Klein


t said...

Cute shoes!


sayablack said...

Woow, yellow old house is awesome!
Great pics<3


Bombshellicious said...

Love the pics Lorena xx

ana said...

You look so pretty in red ;)
I love your flats and have fun in Peru... well I know you are working but anyway have fun :)

Delane said...

I'm totally jealous!!!!

Younlook great. And, under the mango tree made me laugh.