Truth Be Told

When I came across this image* I laughed and thought it was the 
perfect one to illustrate today's thoughts.
I come from a family where your faults are pointed out mercilessly. 
I know this is not good but I have kind of learned how to live with it
and even laugh at it... sometimes.
One of the results is that I am very critical.
However, I have seen the other side of the coin too.
Families that praise the stupidest things and
hide all defects.
Parents that think that their children are the most beautiful.
I think you should be objective, period.
Based on facts.
Anyways, here's what I wore:
- Brown corduroy skirt
- ISIS Los Angeles Flower top
- Brown suede peep toe shoes Kenneth Cole Reaction
- Brown patent clutch
- Tiger's eye silver earrings and pendant (gift from Grandma)
I am sorry I did forget where I was going with this.
I will get back to you as the idea gets back to me.

*Note: This picture was sent to me via email. I do not have the credits for it, but, if you do please let me know so I can link it and provide credit accordingly.


hillary said...

Dude I feel you. My family is the same way. EVERYTHING gets a snarky comment. Down to when I choose to sissy. "you should of went when you got up" I DIDNT HAVE TO GO THEN

They can't even see what i am wearing and they are making comments on it. oy family.

Taylor said...

I feel the same way. I can't stand parents who coddle their children and make them think everything they do is perfect. Puh-lease. I think that's where all the delusion comes from on the audtion episodes of American Idol.

I love that top! Great colors, great shape.

Delane said...

My family is the first to point out you look like crap walking out of the house.

I went to one of my friends kids baseball games a year ago...there were no winners and no score. I was like WTF? Whats the point? Apparently there are no winners and losers anymore either.

I really like your nail polish!