Feeling Crappy ?

As I looked myself running out the door this morning, I felt I looked crappy.

I was running late to the salon to get my manicure and pedicure... I have some hours off from the office today (also known as vacations) so I decided to treat myself.

I liked nothing about this outfit.
I just put stuff together and I begged not to run into anyone I know... I did not want them to see me looking like this...
- Jeans Tommy Hilfiger
- White blouse Femme Antilia
- Beige vest
- Turquoise knot necklace
- Fuchsia flat sandals Alfani
- Fuchsia patent tote bag Neiman Marcus

So feeling this crappy, the "highlights of my day" were:
-Getting my nails done in this Apple Mint Color by Essie and ...

-Being told that I "liked weird clothes" !
I am trying a new seamstress this week,  as mine moved.
This morning I went to the new seamstress' shop and after telling her what I wanted and trying on some of the clothes she said
"You like weird clothes"
I was sooo flattered.


ashlina said...

cute!!!! loving the tiffani nails.

Sheila said...

Love that nail polish colour!

You look great, Lorena. And here's to "weird" clothes! That's what all the interesting people wear. ;)

bunnyhead said...

Love the manicure, girl. You look great in that outfit.

Kristen said...

Oh, Lorena, you do NOT have weird clothes! Believe me, I follow a lot of bloggers who do. :)

I like the way you wore that knotted blue necklace over the button-down; it gives the whole outfit a very interesting vibe and moves it out of a neutral look.

Bombshellicious said...

U look great with what u r wearing xx